Cindy Church
[dropcap_rounded]O[/dropcap_rounded]riginally from Bible Hill, Nova Scotia, Cindy spent her formative musical years in western Canada, making her first recordings with the Great Western Orchestra, touring and recording with Ian Tyson and embarking on a solo career. Her three solo albums (Love on the Range, Just a Little Rain and Cindy Church) all include some of her own songs and her friendship with Sylvia Tyson helped lead to the formation of Quartette, with Sylvia,Caitlin Hanford, the late Colleen Peterson and later Gwen Swick.

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A superb singer with a distinctive voice and a technique she uses only to illuminate the lyric, Cindy invests the songs she performs with warmth, charm and feeling.

Now living in Toronto, she has not only acquired a national reputation as one of the best singers in the country, but an international one as well.

In the past she toured with her project, “The Nearness of You – a Tribute to the Music of Hoagy Carmichael” along with pianist/composer, Joe Sealey and bassist George Koller.

More recently teamed up with fellow east coast colleagues, Susan Crowe and Raylene Rankin to form the vocal trio known as Rankin Church & Crowe. They have released an album “Rankin Church & Crowe : Live At Alderney Landing” and have been touring throughout Canada.

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In between her recordings and tours with Quartette, Rankin, Church & Crowe and Lunch at Allen’s, Cindy continues to collaborate with other songwriters and is currently working on a new solo album, due to be released in the spring of 2011.

Cindy has been twice honoured with Juno Awards nominations and has also been nominated for awards by the Canadian Country Music Association.

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